Thursday, 29 December 2011

A mAtTeR oF a FeW pOuNdS

Today was a total different day in my life. I am a regular blood donator of the blood group O positive. What happened today was so disappointing I couldn’t stop thinking about it and that’s when I decided I’d write about it.

It was about 3 in the evening and I was going home from running some errands for my dad, when I received a call from my friend asking me if I could donate blood to his friend. It had been over 5 months since I last donated so I agreed to.

My friend soon came to pick me up and we headed to the Thalassemia Center, and I filled in the donor’s form and waited till my name was called out.

Before they called me into the laboratory, they asked me to stand on the weighing scale and I for the first time, felt disappointed that I was not up to weight that I could donate.

I was missing a few pounds to be eligible to donate. I enquired if they could even take half a pint from me. I saw the look in the girls’ eyes. She was 26, and needed blood transfusion every month. I felt in myself how hard it must be for her to get donors every month. She was suffering all her life for a random mistake her parents had made. She was sure a fighter.

After seeing the look on her face, the sad look, for hope and another chance that the Center may allow me to donate. However, the Center refused, and for once in my life, I regretted missing a few pounds in my life. And that thought remained in my mind for being deprived of the right to donate.

If you are eligible to donate, donate today and save a life!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

lOnElY rIdE

It was Friday, around 11 am, I walked down to the bus stop and sat there, listening to loud music on the ipod. No one was at the stop when I reached there, so I guessed the bus must have just left. The road was empty unlike any other working day.

I was looking to my left, (opposite to the side bus comes) when I was startled by the bus honking. usually the bus driver would ignore when people do not draw his attention to stop the bus to a particular stop. I got onto the bus and saw just one other man on the bus, who stepped out on the next stop. As my destination was only at the end of the bus trail, I thought more people would get on. I sat on a good seat, continued to listen to my ipod. To my surprise, no one got on the bus either.

There were’nt much people on the road. Barely any vehicles. No traffic jam. It didn’t seem like KL at all. I noticed many things I never did. Probably because of the bare streets.

I usually take the bus 6 days a week, and it was the first ever time, it was a lonely ride.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

tHe GiRl WhO lEfT wItH tHe GifTs

started with a “hi”, she smiled

he asked for her name

they started hanging out

for casual coffees, which turned to dinners

he asked her , she said yes

she loved his gifts, enjoyed his presence

in few months

he had to leave, she said goodbye

with tears and hugs, they were apart

he sent her gifts,

for the months he missed

he came back after six months

saw her with another man

smiling the same way she did

and so happened to the

tale of twelve gifts

depressed and lonely

back he went

hoping she would come back

which she never did

she was the girl who left

with the twelve gifts

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Is it the passion for work or simply being a workaholic?

The story of a man who lost both of his passion

Just as the alarm went off, he woke up. Without a word, or complaint, showered and brushed up. Opened the wardrobe and picks a shirt and starts looking for the matching tie.

Quietly, takes the work ID, and drives off to work. Its 8 am, and he sits at his desk, with his coffee, and reading the online news.

Not long before others come in and punch their card, most of them late, he sits there quietly minding on his business. His boss arrives and all the staff head to the meeting room where daily work is assigned.

Conducting major surveys, compiling reports, making phone calls and onsite investigations are what his work looks like. While all his coworkers leave for tea time, he sits at his station and stares at his computer screen and tries to solve a situation in one of those islands.

Though quite, he knows what goes around and about in the work place. He knows all the office gossip that files around, but doesn’t talk much. Instead, his priorities lie in finishing the task he was assigned.

At noon, he rushes home, and takes a quick lunch that was prepared by his mum and heads back to work, before lunch break was over. Around 2pm, he is called to his boss’s cabin, and he hands in the report and the survey. His boss asks him if he would be available for an onsite investigation after work hours and he agrees.

It was a Thursday and all the staff were hurrying to get their work done and head home to their family. But instead he stayed late and at 6pm, left to the nearest resort island for the investigation. He arrived home late, and once he was done with dinner and freshening up, he resumed to work.

Took out his laptop and sat on his bed, with soft slow music on and started on his reports again. His phone was on silent and his girlfriend had called him several times. Things hadn’t been on the track with his girlfriend.

She complained him not being able to give her enough time and he always put her off due to work.

He was typing his report and suddenly his laptop crashed and he was unable to retrieve the data. So he started it all over again. Time flew and it was almost morning. His eyelids were heavy and his body and mind was tired, but he compelled himself to continue. Eventually he fell asleep, and woke up in the evening. He rushed downstairs for some snack and back to his report.

He was unaware of the beings around him. He checked his cell phone and found 15 missed calls. Most of them from his girlfriend and some from other friends. He texted them saying he was busy and went back to work.

He spent the entire weekend compiling reports and surveys.

On Sunday, as usual, with the alarm going off, he showered and brushed. Took out a shirt and a matching tie. And got himself ready and headed to work.

Today was a different. He was called to the boss’s cabin and he was told that due to losses in the company, a lot of staff were being let go. And he was one of them.

Without arguing he left the cabin, and at that moment, he received a text from his girlfriend telling him that she was fed up.

He packed his stuff and slowly worked out of the office, not wanting to look back. He had been a dedicated staff and had not expected this to happen. Then he realized, as much he loved his work, he needed to consider giving attention to other things in his life. Passion his work maybe, but he was a workaholic.

Life-another perspective; who said life was easy?

I was standing on the balcony of my house and saw the ritual of someone being buried in the cemetery next my house. Millions of thoughts raced through my mind as I realized that death was the time that ended life, and the end of everything that the person was to do here in this lifetime.

Once out of mummy womb, babies let out a loud cry as if knowing the world isn’t a safe place anymore. The baby is born. You are born to this world. Welcome to ‘life’!

Childhood has always been a challenging time for every growing child. Some being treated as king’s children and while others were being brought up in a manner that they barely got those necessities in life, while some were entirely barred from those needs. That’s when people were classified as to if they came from a high class, or a lower class; the fortunate and the less fortunate. This is when the whole known phenomenon of discrimination and bullying started. Getting beaten up by abusive parents on a daily basis or consistently being a victim of rape are unpleasant incidents and phases of life some children go through.

Early age at school, the so called ‘well brought up’ kids start picking up fights with those silent and less active. The theory is not as such, but works the reverse as well. Even the silent sometimes plays the mischievous role of picking on others. And thus, it goes on. The teen age becomes even harder. Despite going through physical changes, the emotional harm done tends to be greater.

Most parents split up at this phase, and children end up being dragged from either parent from one house to another. Step parents along with half siblings step into the families and life gets more complicated. Family crisis rise to infinity and children being the victim, seek assistance from some stranger, probably a boyfriend or so and eventually end up smoking pot or dealing illegal drugs.

At the age of schooling, there are more challenges to be faced. At high school, the guys on the football team or basketball team turn out to be the spirit of their schools, and even if they tend to fail studies, they are treated with special priority and the school defends these kids under any circumstances. On the same hand, the skinny and slender, the bold and beautiful, are treated the same. The money, and the fame is what keeps them at school. It is often a scene we see young girls of 16 getting pregnant to their boyfriends. At this point, some deicide to give up the baby, or continue with the pregnancy, with or without the boyfriend, or on other circumstances giving up the life of learning.

The learning stage of life is difficult, and most struggle for various reasons. It could be money, time, boyfriends or girlfriends or peer pressure, or just pressure from parents itself. The good news is that it all goes away, once you graduate. You thought your childhood was a wreck, and your high school life was a total disaster, but the bad news is that the real part of “life” has just begun.

While some decide to start up their carrier and family, others continue with the process of learning, and specializing in a certain field.

You get into relationships; get out of them, with lots of drama. Some happily married with children, or enjoying life with their partner. Some divorced and raising their children alone. At this point in life, you are not alone. You probably have a partner or children to look after. Life is not about you anymore.

Eventually, your children grow up, go through the whole series of events that you went through or someone else might have gone through. You grow old. You learn to spend time doing what you love to do, with either your loved one or by yourself.

You have seen what became of you and others around you. There might have been regrets, mistakes and sweet memories made. You learn to appreciate them and for whoever you may be, you have to be grateful for what you had in life and not complain about what you were deprived of. Probably the best years of your life passed by you, while you were busy growing up. If all the good things come to end, bad things also will come to its end. And in due course you life ends here too.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

There is no turning back

There are certain situations where we wish we had a “rewind” button or a “Ctrl++Z “or simply a switch that can undo what we have done. Not every time we think of the consequences or the results of the actions we do. In life there is no turning back once the harm is done.

I am not a person with a lot of regrets in my life. However, unintentionally accidents happen. Thus it is these sort of accidents that makes me want a an UNDO button.

To that one person who knows what I meant here…

Monday, 19 September 2011

BaCk tO bOoKs

It may be exciting or nervous to go back to college after either a long holiday or a long semester break, especially if going back to college means starting a new year of your honors or starting a study session with people you have never met. Having a feeling that it is not yet time to go back to books is not a problem. A long relaxing holiday can make you lazy or your internship that you took during the vacation could be more enthusiastic that you feel it is yet not the time to go back to books. But eventually there is no escape when it comes to time; time to go back.

It is not awkward to have a feeling that you need a fresh and different look for the new semester or the new academic year. It’s always about the first impression, right?

Welcome to all those starting the new academic year for this late midyear! And for those who flunked the previous semester exams due to various reasons, or ended up doing re-sitting exam or had an year repeated, it’s the time to buck up and start over.

Back to books and best of luck with the books!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Some people always remain intact with the phrase, “people always leave”. I couldn’t agree more. Nobody stays forever with anybody or anything.

“Leaving” in the context of a word, means going away. Practically it means the same. Although in contexts of different situations, it may be different as the reason for leaving may be different. People leave for good, to ignore situations and sometimes beyond their own will.

Death is a way that takes away loved persons, without permission or consent. Dead people leave the living. When parents split through divorce the child may have to leave either of the parents. When someone wants ignore the situation or get away from the troubles, people leave too.

People leave for the better they say. Leaving overseas for better education, for better settlement, and for a better life.

Leaving, being a hard choice for some, but it’s a harder choice for the people who stayed and watched you leave. Its part of their life that would go missing once the leaving is gone. It’s the person who stays that dread to the day that the gone would return.

Leaving loved ones is a difficult decision to make. And if the reason for leaving is for the good and knowing that things be better upon return, the wait always worth.

‘Saying goodbye is hard, but knowing your hello is nearer, makes me smile…‘ (Fazy. A, 24 July 2011)


Usually a thirty day period where Muslims fast (do not eat or drink from dawn until sunset). The month is meant for prayers and most of all, dedicating ourselves to GOD. The holy month is to remembering what Allah Almighty provided us with and being thankful for what we have every day.

However, as years passed, the people have neglected the chances of achieving the good deeds and the blessing from God. Just after sunset, they have returned to doing their usual chores, forgetting the duty to God.

Instead of devoting themselves to God, people have started hanging out at popular coffee shops, rides around the city or just passing time gossiping about other people. This has become the trend of the people today.

Moreover, people have attained the habit of preparing food that is more than enough, for the sake of showing off and eventually the food have ended up in the garbage bins.

Others have taken up the habit of spending time watching a game show on television or texting to win a prize posted in some sort of advert.

But when we come to think of it, Ramadan, is meant to be a holy month solely for devotion for prayers and good deeds, than any other month of the year. And not by any condition, a month for having fun, playing games or spending what you have on meaningless coffees.

God, Allah Almighty, shall bless for whoever shall work to achieve the blessing of Ramadan. And it is for us to work to achieve what awaits.

Ramadan Mubarak!

Saturday, 13 August 2011

tale of twelve gifts


He was a boy in his late teens and into a relationship where he was much committed. The girl too was in love, but always found fault in the boy and complained about it. And thereby, their relationship was just like any other typical relationship. He was to live by her rules and he was to be with her whenever she wished. The boy did all she wanted. And yes, there were a happy, loving couple as people would see.

He worked hard to please her; however she always found something about him that made her complain. And so he worked day and night, neglected daily hangouts and was fully sacrificed for the girl. Yet the girl was not satisfied and never stopped her whining about anything and everything the boy did.

The boy was not a quitter; he was committed and was in love. He wanted to win over the girl’s heart with whatever she desired. Thus, he continued to work hard and tried whatever he could

Hours, days and months passed. The girl, by her usual means, calls the guy for drop offs and for daily rides around the city. The boy without question did as she said.

However, fate was not in their hands. The boy was awarded a scholarship by which he could not refuse. It was his dream to become an archaeologist and given such an opportunity, he was overwhelmed. The only disappointment was the fact he could come back after one year and that he had to leave his girl behind.

It had already been one year to their relationship and his departure was just a day before their one year and one month anniversary. He wanted to prove her that his love was true and wanted her to understand his situation and be committed to the relationship though it would be distance.

He thought and thought. And he decided that he would give her twelve gifts for the twelve months that he was away on the night of their one month anniversary. He phoned his best friend, who was also a very close friend of her, to assist him with buying him the twelve gifts. And eventually he bought all twelve gifts and felt pleased with himself and was felt assured that his girl would forever be his girl.

It was the night of their anniversary. The couple met up. The boy presented each gift and the girl smiled as she opened each gift. She had never been happier. At the moment, he felt that he was the luckiest boy alive. With sad hugs and goodbye kisses, it was time for the boy to leave.

One month passed away from home, family and his girl. He had not heard from the girl. No calls, no texts, no emails either. And each day, he hoped for some kind of response from the girl.

It was one cold evening. the boy’s phone blinks twice. “new message received”. Hoping that it was from the girl he opened it. It read, “thanks for all the gifts, but I feel nothing for you anymore, though I plan to make use of all the gifts you gave me, and not return you any. After all, they were gifts you gave me. I have started dating your bestfriend. I’m happy now and that your bestfriend is the perfect kind of guy I have always wanted. Don’t try to contact me. This is the last you will hear from me. I am getting married tomorrow. “

Hot tears ran down his cheeks as he read her text all over again. So much for the twelve gifts of twelve months.

Friday, 12 August 2011

waiting for you

It’s not the same as that you were here anymore

There are times that I really want you to be around

But circumstances don’t let u to be with me

And maybe that is why I feel so alone

You may wonder where all my girlfriends are

Well, they too have their life going on

Either being busy at work, husband or boyfriend

And it’s hardly ever I see them

Well, here me out; Life isn’t same without you around

For people say, time will heal

Even if it takes forever, I’ll wait

Until the day we meet


I’ve always thought distance relationships could never work

regardless of how couples tried and wanted to make it work

I always had the feeling that either of the partners would cheat

Or complain about trust issues or commitment issues

Well, I was wrong

I never considered distance could work until I went onto one

It is true, distance sucks. and it hurts a lot too

It’s worse if both partners live across the globe;

When both live in different time zones.

However, despite the distance, what matters is that your partner loves you

For the same reason he loved you first

And that he still has the same trust and faith in you; that he is the same

Understanding boyfriend you’ve had.

And yes, eventually when it’s the right moment

With all the commitment and the sacrifices made

Your loved one will be with you forever, for good, for happiness

Dedicated to all my friends who have gone through distance relationships

And still working through distance

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Google+ : a NeW InTeRvEnTiOn

The Google+ project introduced by Google is becoming the most popular social networking site within a very short time! Facebook the most popular and leading social network seems to fear this. Rumors tell that some Facebook profiles have been banned and blocked due to Google+ advertising. This being the case, ads, cartoons strips and all sorts of media of sarcasm has been published on both network. Well, there is no harm is checking out what Google+ is and how it works. Who knows this may be the intervention of the decade that beats Facebook. Why don’t you give a try and have a Google+ account? :)

Sunday, 5 June 2011

pHoOtOgRpHy; A nEw PaSsIoN

It was when I got this camera, (not exactly got it, but I had it for sometime) I thought of talking some shots.

I’ve never tried taking pictures, though randomly I do. This time, it was different. I had my mind set, to do a photography day. And if I liked it, I planned to do it more often.

I went to this place called The Secret Garden located at the terrace of a big mall. I’ve always loved plants. The whole place was full of different plants and beautiful flowers. I took out my camera and started taking some shots; I tested on with different modes and played with the camera a bit. It was fun.

Then again, I didn’t talk any photographs for some time, and checked the camera, and found those pictures. And felt like I wanted to do it again… that’s how a developed an passion of photography within me.

I’m not a professional photographer, nor do I have a professional camera. But I do love capturing moments and I am still learning. And one day, I hope to capture an awesome picture!

You may check out my pictures here.

a LiTtLe SoMeThInG FoR Daphine Zuniga

Brooke’s mum, as we know.. well as I knew her... I never liked her.. her part in One Tree Hill was a mean mother.. I bet no one liked her either. Anyways one day as I was tweeting, I saw suggestions of people I should add, Daphne Zuniga

I followed her and then saw her website.

She is truly an amazing woman. The evil mum was just a character. I look forward for knowing more about her some day, for I appreciate her work and I believe more people should be like her.

cHeCkInG iN.. tElLiNg YoUr StAlKeR wHeRe YoU aRe

It is a popular trend among people to “check in” to places. Famous social sites have enabled the feature of doing so. Such as facebook check in application, foursqaure, iwtiier,

But, come to think of it, suppose there was a stalker, and when someone keeps on checking into places, it tells them where you are. Some applications even provide the map and directions to the place where you are.

At this point, some might think I am a crazy lunatic who is over thinking. But the fact is, in the past there has been real stalking cases and people have gone through serious cases of trauma.

For once before updating where you are, just before you check yourself into a coffee shop... just give a thought..


It must have been the most stressful time life for a student.. The whole phenomenon starts much earlier. For some 3 months earlier, or for some just a week before. Well, I suggest the smart does it better, they start a week before and go through the sufferings of it while the less brainy ones start over 3 months back. Conversely, it could be the fact that starting to work earlier by 3 months maybe because of the “hard working-ness”. The one-week before people are just lazy, and they urge themselves to have maximum fun and enjoyment. Anyhow, the most important part is to get through. Well, for some, get the best.

The laziest types are the ones that open their books just before the day of exam, or a couple of hours before exam. Probably this could work for easy subjects. But for largely covered syllabuses I don’t think so.

For some exams would mean no meals, just lots of caffeine and no sleep. For others, more food more sleep and a lot of studying. Both methods work just fine. (I’ve tried it). But we tend to do it the hard way; always. Where we live turns out to be in a mess, no laundry done, the bed is probably left neat (either from not sleeping) or a mess.

Once entering the exam hall, the nervousness increases and the legs and hands are so stiff they barely move. You keep looking at the clock that seems to be running too fast just this once. Once the writing time begins, it’s a race against time.

The stressfulness will be over once the last paper is done and submitted. Probably the happiest moment. “Sigh!” You smile at yourself (provided that you think you did well) and walk out the exam hall feeling so hungry that you might as well eat a lot and then come home to find out you left a big mess behind! Its time for clean up!

A fAiRyTaLe CoMe TrUe

It was the day of the royal wedding. Prince William’s and Catherine's Wedding. Over 2 million people must have been watching the live telecasts all over the world. Interviews, gossips and live broadcasting was excited about the entire event.
The moment we had all been waiting for was when Catherine arrived. Her dress was stunning and absolutely beautiful. The live reporter on TV also was saying so. Critics and gossip columns were talking about her dress, hairdo, her bouquet; everything about her.

As she arrived, the Prince was waiting, just like in fairytales. Her maid in honour (Catherine’s sister Pippa Middleton) held her dress as she walked on the red carpet towards the Prince with her father.

And as she reached the Prince, seems the prince said, ”you look beautiful” Well, she was one of the most beautiful young ladies that would have gotten married that day.

The ceremony began and ended soon. and the time Catherine walked out, she was a princess. An ordinary girl, would she have expected to be a Princess in real life? As she walked out, the carriage was outside and just like a fairytale she and her prince got on and waved to everybody else. Just like a fairytale

Saturday, 4 June 2011

VaLeNtInEs DaY

Valentines day is

Not just for couples

who are in love

But it is a day

for everyone

for single ladies

and single men

mothers and fathers

families & neighbours

valentines day maybe

the worse day for

recent breakups

but its an excuse

for you to dress up

and hang out

in your favourite

place with your

favourite friends

who knows!

a dream date

maybe waiting

those madly in love

theres nothing much

to say of them

buying roses, cards

gifts,, chocolates and

and wearing your favourite

dress to the

candle night dinner

for me, I was with

my friends,

to watch a movie

of the lastest trends

near the fountain was

a crowd of people

then came the clause

“will you marry me?”

It was a marriage proposal

was followed by a “Yes!”

Followed by screams of all

It was an exciting moment

Full of smiles, hugs and laughter

not the best day I spent

but a day to remember

a day to love, laugh and live!

Friday, 11 February 2011

nEw YeAr: A nEw BegInNiNiG

2010 began with fireworks and promises
Determined and ambitious
some fulfilled some did not
2010 ended after 12 months
Completing its schedule
2011 began with lots of rain
ruining many plans
messing up outdoor activities
parties and barbeques
yet again, more promises,
more new resolutions
new year new relationships
new year new beginnings

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

ChINa: A mUsT gO

China, a beautiful country, with lot of beautiful people, It was mid April of the year and the weather was cold. Definitely an enjoyable weather for a person who lived in the tropics.

The tradition being a bit different and unique in its own way, the culture is interesting and amusing. The city of Beijing looks a bit modern than traditional, where you would not see the little houses with cute roofs or much of the bright lanterns. but of course, the sites of modern and development. Speaking of development, they are moving ahead in infrastructure, and technology at an extreme fast rate.

Most fascinating thing is that quite alot of people walk than driving, probably because there are a lot of people living in Beijing itself, or possibly, more people are used to walking. One of the amusing things were that, the roads were very pedestrian friendly, although at some instances the road signs needed translation. However, the people were definitely friendly.

And most of all, the food is enjoyable, as there are so many varieties, you can hardly make up your mind or chose what you would dine. Chinese tea is highly recommended for anyone travelling to China. The night life is bright and exciting, with dancing and most extraordinary performances that you might not see from anywhere else in the world.

Anyone visiting Beijing should see the bird nest made for the Olympics and the Great Wall of China is not be missed. the infrastructure and the well designed architecture is also astounding.

Although most people don’t speak English, they are helpful in assisting the foreign even in their own language.

China; a beautiful country, with beautiful people.