Saturday, 15 October 2011

Is it the passion for work or simply being a workaholic?

The story of a man who lost both of his passion

Just as the alarm went off, he woke up. Without a word, or complaint, showered and brushed up. Opened the wardrobe and picks a shirt and starts looking for the matching tie.

Quietly, takes the work ID, and drives off to work. Its 8 am, and he sits at his desk, with his coffee, and reading the online news.

Not long before others come in and punch their card, most of them late, he sits there quietly minding on his business. His boss arrives and all the staff head to the meeting room where daily work is assigned.

Conducting major surveys, compiling reports, making phone calls and onsite investigations are what his work looks like. While all his coworkers leave for tea time, he sits at his station and stares at his computer screen and tries to solve a situation in one of those islands.

Though quite, he knows what goes around and about in the work place. He knows all the office gossip that files around, but doesn’t talk much. Instead, his priorities lie in finishing the task he was assigned.

At noon, he rushes home, and takes a quick lunch that was prepared by his mum and heads back to work, before lunch break was over. Around 2pm, he is called to his boss’s cabin, and he hands in the report and the survey. His boss asks him if he would be available for an onsite investigation after work hours and he agrees.

It was a Thursday and all the staff were hurrying to get their work done and head home to their family. But instead he stayed late and at 6pm, left to the nearest resort island for the investigation. He arrived home late, and once he was done with dinner and freshening up, he resumed to work.

Took out his laptop and sat on his bed, with soft slow music on and started on his reports again. His phone was on silent and his girlfriend had called him several times. Things hadn’t been on the track with his girlfriend.

She complained him not being able to give her enough time and he always put her off due to work.

He was typing his report and suddenly his laptop crashed and he was unable to retrieve the data. So he started it all over again. Time flew and it was almost morning. His eyelids were heavy and his body and mind was tired, but he compelled himself to continue. Eventually he fell asleep, and woke up in the evening. He rushed downstairs for some snack and back to his report.

He was unaware of the beings around him. He checked his cell phone and found 15 missed calls. Most of them from his girlfriend and some from other friends. He texted them saying he was busy and went back to work.

He spent the entire weekend compiling reports and surveys.

On Sunday, as usual, with the alarm going off, he showered and brushed. Took out a shirt and a matching tie. And got himself ready and headed to work.

Today was a different. He was called to the boss’s cabin and he was told that due to losses in the company, a lot of staff were being let go. And he was one of them.

Without arguing he left the cabin, and at that moment, he received a text from his girlfriend telling him that she was fed up.

He packed his stuff and slowly worked out of the office, not wanting to look back. He had been a dedicated staff and had not expected this to happen. Then he realized, as much he loved his work, he needed to consider giving attention to other things in his life. Passion his work maybe, but he was a workaholic.

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