Sunday, 2 August 2009

B. I . T. C. H

Wen u see me
u smile and wave at me
You pretend that
you are my so-called
best friend.....
But the next day,
u wear the same outfit
as i did the other day
and u tell me
its pure coincidence
You start liking
the same guys i do
and yet u still deny
You judge me,
but i prove you wrong
You never pay for your meals
telling that you forgot
your cash or your credit card
You lie, u spread rumours
Your comments are either rude
or sarcastic,
But I don't give a damn
'coz i know u'll never be me
and you know you could
never change anything about me
And deep inside
you know its true
You hate me 'cause
you see in me
everything you cannot be
I may not be better
than everyone,
but I'm sure as hell
better than you!
but i wonder when you'll stop
acting like such a BITCH...