Friday, 12 August 2011

waiting for you

It’s not the same as that you were here anymore

There are times that I really want you to be around

But circumstances don’t let u to be with me

And maybe that is why I feel so alone

You may wonder where all my girlfriends are

Well, they too have their life going on

Either being busy at work, husband or boyfriend

And it’s hardly ever I see them

Well, here me out; Life isn’t same without you around

For people say, time will heal

Even if it takes forever, I’ll wait

Until the day we meet


I’ve always thought distance relationships could never work

regardless of how couples tried and wanted to make it work

I always had the feeling that either of the partners would cheat

Or complain about trust issues or commitment issues

Well, I was wrong

I never considered distance could work until I went onto one

It is true, distance sucks. and it hurts a lot too

It’s worse if both partners live across the globe;

When both live in different time zones.

However, despite the distance, what matters is that your partner loves you

For the same reason he loved you first

And that he still has the same trust and faith in you; that he is the same

Understanding boyfriend you’ve had.

And yes, eventually when it’s the right moment

With all the commitment and the sacrifices made

Your loved one will be with you forever, for good, for happiness

Dedicated to all my friends who have gone through distance relationships

And still working through distance