Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Its only you..

I thought I’d write all I wanted
And spill my entire heart out
But suddenly my hand turned cold
Shivers ran through my spine
I couldn’t remember anything
I intended to write
I looked around me
It was dark and I was alone
Only the thoughts of you
Was what I remembered
It was your name
And it was only you….

When i first met you...

When I first met you,
I was scared to love you.
I couldn’t believe I could fall for someone so fast
Is this really love or just another stupid crush?
I’m scared to love you and then get my heart broken.
I want to believe you when you say
you care about me and always will.
I want to believe that you really do love me.
I just don’t ant to end up getting hurt,
I don’t think I could handle losing you.
You say that you would never hurt me,
You say you love me way too much.
N I don’t know how much you do…
Whatever it is I’ll always love you
No matter what

.....$hOuLd i ????

Every time I hear your voice,
My heart beats just a little faster.
Whenever I am sad or lonely,
I know you’ll always be there.
No matter how badly I am feeling,
You can always make me smile.
It feels good to have someone,
Who might actually care about me.
I still don’t know if I should believe you
when you say you love me....