Sunday, 5 June 2011

pHoOtOgRpHy; A nEw PaSsIoN

It was when I got this camera, (not exactly got it, but I had it for sometime) I thought of talking some shots.

I’ve never tried taking pictures, though randomly I do. This time, it was different. I had my mind set, to do a photography day. And if I liked it, I planned to do it more often.

I went to this place called The Secret Garden located at the terrace of a big mall. I’ve always loved plants. The whole place was full of different plants and beautiful flowers. I took out my camera and started taking some shots; I tested on with different modes and played with the camera a bit. It was fun.

Then again, I didn’t talk any photographs for some time, and checked the camera, and found those pictures. And felt like I wanted to do it again… that’s how a developed an passion of photography within me.

I’m not a professional photographer, nor do I have a professional camera. But I do love capturing moments and I am still learning. And one day, I hope to capture an awesome picture!

You may check out my pictures here.

a LiTtLe SoMeThInG FoR Daphine Zuniga

Brooke’s mum, as we know.. well as I knew her... I never liked her.. her part in One Tree Hill was a mean mother.. I bet no one liked her either. Anyways one day as I was tweeting, I saw suggestions of people I should add, Daphne Zuniga

I followed her and then saw her website.

She is truly an amazing woman. The evil mum was just a character. I look forward for knowing more about her some day, for I appreciate her work and I believe more people should be like her.

cHeCkInG iN.. tElLiNg YoUr StAlKeR wHeRe YoU aRe

It is a popular trend among people to “check in” to places. Famous social sites have enabled the feature of doing so. Such as facebook check in application, foursqaure, iwtiier,

But, come to think of it, suppose there was a stalker, and when someone keeps on checking into places, it tells them where you are. Some applications even provide the map and directions to the place where you are.

At this point, some might think I am a crazy lunatic who is over thinking. But the fact is, in the past there has been real stalking cases and people have gone through serious cases of trauma.

For once before updating where you are, just before you check yourself into a coffee shop... just give a thought..


It must have been the most stressful time life for a student.. The whole phenomenon starts much earlier. For some 3 months earlier, or for some just a week before. Well, I suggest the smart does it better, they start a week before and go through the sufferings of it while the less brainy ones start over 3 months back. Conversely, it could be the fact that starting to work earlier by 3 months maybe because of the “hard working-ness”. The one-week before people are just lazy, and they urge themselves to have maximum fun and enjoyment. Anyhow, the most important part is to get through. Well, for some, get the best.

The laziest types are the ones that open their books just before the day of exam, or a couple of hours before exam. Probably this could work for easy subjects. But for largely covered syllabuses I don’t think so.

For some exams would mean no meals, just lots of caffeine and no sleep. For others, more food more sleep and a lot of studying. Both methods work just fine. (I’ve tried it). But we tend to do it the hard way; always. Where we live turns out to be in a mess, no laundry done, the bed is probably left neat (either from not sleeping) or a mess.

Once entering the exam hall, the nervousness increases and the legs and hands are so stiff they barely move. You keep looking at the clock that seems to be running too fast just this once. Once the writing time begins, it’s a race against time.

The stressfulness will be over once the last paper is done and submitted. Probably the happiest moment. “Sigh!” You smile at yourself (provided that you think you did well) and walk out the exam hall feeling so hungry that you might as well eat a lot and then come home to find out you left a big mess behind! Its time for clean up!

A fAiRyTaLe CoMe TrUe

It was the day of the royal wedding. Prince William’s and Catherine's Wedding. Over 2 million people must have been watching the live telecasts all over the world. Interviews, gossips and live broadcasting was excited about the entire event.
The moment we had all been waiting for was when Catherine arrived. Her dress was stunning and absolutely beautiful. The live reporter on TV also was saying so. Critics and gossip columns were talking about her dress, hairdo, her bouquet; everything about her.

As she arrived, the Prince was waiting, just like in fairytales. Her maid in honour (Catherine’s sister Pippa Middleton) held her dress as she walked on the red carpet towards the Prince with her father.

And as she reached the Prince, seems the prince said, ”you look beautiful” Well, she was one of the most beautiful young ladies that would have gotten married that day.

The ceremony began and ended soon. and the time Catherine walked out, she was a princess. An ordinary girl, would she have expected to be a Princess in real life? As she walked out, the carriage was outside and just like a fairytale she and her prince got on and waved to everybody else. Just like a fairytale

Saturday, 4 June 2011

VaLeNtInEs DaY

Valentines day is

Not just for couples

who are in love

But it is a day

for everyone

for single ladies

and single men

mothers and fathers

families & neighbours

valentines day maybe

the worse day for

recent breakups

but its an excuse

for you to dress up

and hang out

in your favourite

place with your

favourite friends

who knows!

a dream date

maybe waiting

those madly in love

theres nothing much

to say of them

buying roses, cards

gifts,, chocolates and

and wearing your favourite

dress to the

candle night dinner

for me, I was with

my friends,

to watch a movie

of the lastest trends

near the fountain was

a crowd of people

then came the clause

“will you marry me?”

It was a marriage proposal

was followed by a “Yes!”

Followed by screams of all

It was an exciting moment

Full of smiles, hugs and laughter

not the best day I spent

but a day to remember

a day to love, laugh and live!