Sunday, 5 June 2011

A fAiRyTaLe CoMe TrUe

It was the day of the royal wedding. Prince William’s and Catherine's Wedding. Over 2 million people must have been watching the live telecasts all over the world. Interviews, gossips and live broadcasting was excited about the entire event.
The moment we had all been waiting for was when Catherine arrived. Her dress was stunning and absolutely beautiful. The live reporter on TV also was saying so. Critics and gossip columns were talking about her dress, hairdo, her bouquet; everything about her.

As she arrived, the Prince was waiting, just like in fairytales. Her maid in honour (Catherine’s sister Pippa Middleton) held her dress as she walked on the red carpet towards the Prince with her father.

And as she reached the Prince, seems the prince said, ”you look beautiful” Well, she was one of the most beautiful young ladies that would have gotten married that day.

The ceremony began and ended soon. and the time Catherine walked out, she was a princess. An ordinary girl, would she have expected to be a Princess in real life? As she walked out, the carriage was outside and just like a fairytale she and her prince got on and waved to everybody else. Just like a fairytale

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