Sunday, 5 June 2011


It must have been the most stressful time life for a student.. The whole phenomenon starts much earlier. For some 3 months earlier, or for some just a week before. Well, I suggest the smart does it better, they start a week before and go through the sufferings of it while the less brainy ones start over 3 months back. Conversely, it could be the fact that starting to work earlier by 3 months maybe because of the “hard working-ness”. The one-week before people are just lazy, and they urge themselves to have maximum fun and enjoyment. Anyhow, the most important part is to get through. Well, for some, get the best.

The laziest types are the ones that open their books just before the day of exam, or a couple of hours before exam. Probably this could work for easy subjects. But for largely covered syllabuses I don’t think so.

For some exams would mean no meals, just lots of caffeine and no sleep. For others, more food more sleep and a lot of studying. Both methods work just fine. (I’ve tried it). But we tend to do it the hard way; always. Where we live turns out to be in a mess, no laundry done, the bed is probably left neat (either from not sleeping) or a mess.

Once entering the exam hall, the nervousness increases and the legs and hands are so stiff they barely move. You keep looking at the clock that seems to be running too fast just this once. Once the writing time begins, it’s a race against time.

The stressfulness will be over once the last paper is done and submitted. Probably the happiest moment. “Sigh!” You smile at yourself (provided that you think you did well) and walk out the exam hall feeling so hungry that you might as well eat a lot and then come home to find out you left a big mess behind! Its time for clean up!

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