Sunday, 5 June 2011

cHeCkInG iN.. tElLiNg YoUr StAlKeR wHeRe YoU aRe

It is a popular trend among people to “check in” to places. Famous social sites have enabled the feature of doing so. Such as facebook check in application, foursqaure, iwtiier,

But, come to think of it, suppose there was a stalker, and when someone keeps on checking into places, it tells them where you are. Some applications even provide the map and directions to the place where you are.

At this point, some might think I am a crazy lunatic who is over thinking. But the fact is, in the past there has been real stalking cases and people have gone through serious cases of trauma.

For once before updating where you are, just before you check yourself into a coffee shop... just give a thought..

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