Sunday, 5 June 2011

pHoOtOgRpHy; A nEw PaSsIoN

It was when I got this camera, (not exactly got it, but I had it for sometime) I thought of talking some shots.

I’ve never tried taking pictures, though randomly I do. This time, it was different. I had my mind set, to do a photography day. And if I liked it, I planned to do it more often.

I went to this place called The Secret Garden located at the terrace of a big mall. I’ve always loved plants. The whole place was full of different plants and beautiful flowers. I took out my camera and started taking some shots; I tested on with different modes and played with the camera a bit. It was fun.

Then again, I didn’t talk any photographs for some time, and checked the camera, and found those pictures. And felt like I wanted to do it again… that’s how a developed an passion of photography within me.

I’m not a professional photographer, nor do I have a professional camera. But I do love capturing moments and I am still learning. And one day, I hope to capture an awesome picture!

You may check out my pictures here.

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ne3 said...

ohh kewll .. i also do love photography .. and btw your shots are awesome .. and good luck with your photography passion =D