Saturday, 4 June 2011

VaLeNtInEs DaY

Valentines day is

Not just for couples

who are in love

But it is a day

for everyone

for single ladies

and single men

mothers and fathers

families & neighbours

valentines day maybe

the worse day for

recent breakups

but its an excuse

for you to dress up

and hang out

in your favourite

place with your

favourite friends

who knows!

a dream date

maybe waiting

those madly in love

theres nothing much

to say of them

buying roses, cards

gifts,, chocolates and

and wearing your favourite

dress to the

candle night dinner

for me, I was with

my friends,

to watch a movie

of the lastest trends

near the fountain was

a crowd of people

then came the clause

“will you marry me?”

It was a marriage proposal

was followed by a “Yes!”

Followed by screams of all

It was an exciting moment

Full of smiles, hugs and laughter

not the best day I spent

but a day to remember

a day to love, laugh and live!

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