Saturday, 15 October 2011

Life-another perspective; who said life was easy?

I was standing on the balcony of my house and saw the ritual of someone being buried in the cemetery next my house. Millions of thoughts raced through my mind as I realized that death was the time that ended life, and the end of everything that the person was to do here in this lifetime.

Once out of mummy womb, babies let out a loud cry as if knowing the world isn’t a safe place anymore. The baby is born. You are born to this world. Welcome to ‘life’!

Childhood has always been a challenging time for every growing child. Some being treated as king’s children and while others were being brought up in a manner that they barely got those necessities in life, while some were entirely barred from those needs. That’s when people were classified as to if they came from a high class, or a lower class; the fortunate and the less fortunate. This is when the whole known phenomenon of discrimination and bullying started. Getting beaten up by abusive parents on a daily basis or consistently being a victim of rape are unpleasant incidents and phases of life some children go through.

Early age at school, the so called ‘well brought up’ kids start picking up fights with those silent and less active. The theory is not as such, but works the reverse as well. Even the silent sometimes plays the mischievous role of picking on others. And thus, it goes on. The teen age becomes even harder. Despite going through physical changes, the emotional harm done tends to be greater.

Most parents split up at this phase, and children end up being dragged from either parent from one house to another. Step parents along with half siblings step into the families and life gets more complicated. Family crisis rise to infinity and children being the victim, seek assistance from some stranger, probably a boyfriend or so and eventually end up smoking pot or dealing illegal drugs.

At the age of schooling, there are more challenges to be faced. At high school, the guys on the football team or basketball team turn out to be the spirit of their schools, and even if they tend to fail studies, they are treated with special priority and the school defends these kids under any circumstances. On the same hand, the skinny and slender, the bold and beautiful, are treated the same. The money, and the fame is what keeps them at school. It is often a scene we see young girls of 16 getting pregnant to their boyfriends. At this point, some deicide to give up the baby, or continue with the pregnancy, with or without the boyfriend, or on other circumstances giving up the life of learning.

The learning stage of life is difficult, and most struggle for various reasons. It could be money, time, boyfriends or girlfriends or peer pressure, or just pressure from parents itself. The good news is that it all goes away, once you graduate. You thought your childhood was a wreck, and your high school life was a total disaster, but the bad news is that the real part of “life” has just begun.

While some decide to start up their carrier and family, others continue with the process of learning, and specializing in a certain field.

You get into relationships; get out of them, with lots of drama. Some happily married with children, or enjoying life with their partner. Some divorced and raising their children alone. At this point in life, you are not alone. You probably have a partner or children to look after. Life is not about you anymore.

Eventually, your children grow up, go through the whole series of events that you went through or someone else might have gone through. You grow old. You learn to spend time doing what you love to do, with either your loved one or by yourself.

You have seen what became of you and others around you. There might have been regrets, mistakes and sweet memories made. You learn to appreciate them and for whoever you may be, you have to be grateful for what you had in life and not complain about what you were deprived of. Probably the best years of your life passed by you, while you were busy growing up. If all the good things come to end, bad things also will come to its end. And in due course you life ends here too.

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Really interesting.....and good advice for YOUTH.....