Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Some people always remain intact with the phrase, “people always leave”. I couldn’t agree more. Nobody stays forever with anybody or anything.

“Leaving” in the context of a word, means going away. Practically it means the same. Although in contexts of different situations, it may be different as the reason for leaving may be different. People leave for good, to ignore situations and sometimes beyond their own will.

Death is a way that takes away loved persons, without permission or consent. Dead people leave the living. When parents split through divorce the child may have to leave either of the parents. When someone wants ignore the situation or get away from the troubles, people leave too.

People leave for the better they say. Leaving overseas for better education, for better settlement, and for a better life.

Leaving, being a hard choice for some, but it’s a harder choice for the people who stayed and watched you leave. Its part of their life that would go missing once the leaving is gone. It’s the person who stays that dread to the day that the gone would return.

Leaving loved ones is a difficult decision to make. And if the reason for leaving is for the good and knowing that things be better upon return, the wait always worth.

‘Saying goodbye is hard, but knowing your hello is nearer, makes me smile…‘ (Fazy. A, 24 July 2011)


Nuvana said...

Hard.It is. I can understand.

Anonymous said...

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