Tuesday, 18 October 2011

lOnElY rIdE

It was Friday, around 11 am, I walked down to the bus stop and sat there, listening to loud music on the ipod. No one was at the stop when I reached there, so I guessed the bus must have just left. The road was empty unlike any other working day.

I was looking to my left, (opposite to the side bus comes) when I was startled by the bus honking. usually the bus driver would ignore when people do not draw his attention to stop the bus to a particular stop. I got onto the bus and saw just one other man on the bus, who stepped out on the next stop. As my destination was only at the end of the bus trail, I thought more people would get on. I sat on a good seat, continued to listen to my ipod. To my surprise, no one got on the bus either.

There were’nt much people on the road. Barely any vehicles. No traffic jam. It didn’t seem like KL at all. I noticed many things I never did. Probably because of the bare streets.

I usually take the bus 6 days a week, and it was the first ever time, it was a lonely ride.

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