Tuesday, 25 January 2011

ChINa: A mUsT gO

China, a beautiful country, with lot of beautiful people, It was mid April of the year and the weather was cold. Definitely an enjoyable weather for a person who lived in the tropics.

The tradition being a bit different and unique in its own way, the culture is interesting and amusing. The city of Beijing looks a bit modern than traditional, where you would not see the little houses with cute roofs or much of the bright lanterns. but of course, the sites of modern and development. Speaking of development, they are moving ahead in infrastructure, and technology at an extreme fast rate.

Most fascinating thing is that quite alot of people walk than driving, probably because there are a lot of people living in Beijing itself, or possibly, more people are used to walking. One of the amusing things were that, the roads were very pedestrian friendly, although at some instances the road signs needed translation. However, the people were definitely friendly.

And most of all, the food is enjoyable, as there are so many varieties, you can hardly make up your mind or chose what you would dine. Chinese tea is highly recommended for anyone travelling to China. The night life is bright and exciting, with dancing and most extraordinary performances that you might not see from anywhere else in the world.

Anyone visiting Beijing should see the bird nest made for the Olympics and the Great Wall of China is not be missed. the infrastructure and the well designed architecture is also astounding.

Although most people don’t speak English, they are helpful in assisting the foreign even in their own language.

China; a beautiful country, with beautiful people.

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Anonymous said...

ah. That sounds like you had a fun trip. Hoping to go there someday myself too.