Saturday, 13 August 2011

tale of twelve gifts


He was a boy in his late teens and into a relationship where he was much committed. The girl too was in love, but always found fault in the boy and complained about it. And thereby, their relationship was just like any other typical relationship. He was to live by her rules and he was to be with her whenever she wished. The boy did all she wanted. And yes, there were a happy, loving couple as people would see.

He worked hard to please her; however she always found something about him that made her complain. And so he worked day and night, neglected daily hangouts and was fully sacrificed for the girl. Yet the girl was not satisfied and never stopped her whining about anything and everything the boy did.

The boy was not a quitter; he was committed and was in love. He wanted to win over the girl’s heart with whatever she desired. Thus, he continued to work hard and tried whatever he could

Hours, days and months passed. The girl, by her usual means, calls the guy for drop offs and for daily rides around the city. The boy without question did as she said.

However, fate was not in their hands. The boy was awarded a scholarship by which he could not refuse. It was his dream to become an archaeologist and given such an opportunity, he was overwhelmed. The only disappointment was the fact he could come back after one year and that he had to leave his girl behind.

It had already been one year to their relationship and his departure was just a day before their one year and one month anniversary. He wanted to prove her that his love was true and wanted her to understand his situation and be committed to the relationship though it would be distance.

He thought and thought. And he decided that he would give her twelve gifts for the twelve months that he was away on the night of their one month anniversary. He phoned his best friend, who was also a very close friend of her, to assist him with buying him the twelve gifts. And eventually he bought all twelve gifts and felt pleased with himself and was felt assured that his girl would forever be his girl.

It was the night of their anniversary. The couple met up. The boy presented each gift and the girl smiled as she opened each gift. She had never been happier. At the moment, he felt that he was the luckiest boy alive. With sad hugs and goodbye kisses, it was time for the boy to leave.

One month passed away from home, family and his girl. He had not heard from the girl. No calls, no texts, no emails either. And each day, he hoped for some kind of response from the girl.

It was one cold evening. the boy’s phone blinks twice. “new message received”. Hoping that it was from the girl he opened it. It read, “thanks for all the gifts, but I feel nothing for you anymore, though I plan to make use of all the gifts you gave me, and not return you any. After all, they were gifts you gave me. I have started dating your bestfriend. I’m happy now and that your bestfriend is the perfect kind of guy I have always wanted. Don’t try to contact me. This is the last you will hear from me. I am getting married tomorrow. “

Hot tears ran down his cheeks as he read her text all over again. So much for the twelve gifts of twelve months.

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