Monday, 3 June 2013

the most daunting task: putting my life into a suitcase

It’s that time of the year when exams are over. It’s the time for a break. Everyone is packing to go home, meet their families and loved ones. The excitement is killed by the time consuming task of packing. 

Packing; for most of us, is the most daunting task of all. The relief of exam stress disappears when you realise you have to fit all of your belongings in a bag. It is not easy to pack your whole life in a suitcase although that is exactly what we are expected to do. In the end, we are forced to get rid of some of the things we like to hold onto, in order to make room for “more important” belongings. Worst of all, for people having to fly across countries, they are forced to limit their luggage to a certain weight restriction. The entire house is a mess, and you are left to make dozens of decisions at the same time. Despite all this, we manage to get the packing done, and before we know it, it’s time to leave.

Students start leaving the campus, and day by day the student village seems to die. The university hallways and libraries, and the student union have never been emptier. The party town is quiet, while the music plays; there is no one on the dance floor. There is no more night-life anymore.

This silence and emptiness surrounds the student village on every holiday. Biggest holidays seasons like Christmas and Easter are just about the same though this time it’s different. Summer holidays mean people are leaving for good. This time no one is coming back. Not too soon anyway.

The train stations and airports are packed with people, luggage, and friends wishing them goodbye. The air fares go up like there is no tomorrow. The early bird gets the bait while the people who wait for the very last minute are left with no other option but to spend on ridiculously large fares. Some oversleep miss their flights or trains, while others get into some sort of trouble at the security at the airports.

They finally get into the train or flight, yet panic and stress isn’t over. All attempts to get some sleep is ruined when the baby on board cries non-stop, or you are squeezed in between two very big people because of the crammed train or flight.

After 5 hours or more, its eventually time that they arrive at their destination. Surprisingly, all the worries, the stress and panic is relieved. Coming home, seeing family and loved ones. Best of all, home cooked food. No matter how bad or good things are home, it’ll always good to be home, because home is where the heart is.