Saturday, 27 August 2016

Reflection on my year; thinking out loud.

It took me a while to realise I had actually finished my masters. If it were anybody else, they would perhaps want to celebrate and laugh about it. I knew I had just walked in to submit my dissertation and that was the last of what I had to do. As I walked out of the law school, I knew in my mind it was the last time I would be coming here. Or sit at Hallward library and drink countless coffees. But it felt like just any day, i didn't feel there was anything to feel different about. 

As I walked downhill, I thought; the year went by too soon. Met really awesome people whom I wish I spend more time with. Autumn term was definitely ages ago. I had the best professors anyone could have had; well all except one. I've accepted that coffee is definitely therapy. I don't even want to know how much money I spend on coffee. The law school, uni park and Broadgate park; it feels like home. It feels like I came here ages ago. 

It all got too real when I emptied my whole year into a suitcase, when i handed in my studio's keys. When I dragged the heavy (and very large) luggage through the train station.
And as got out of the tube at Stratford, I realised it was really over. Walking to Beeston just because I knew Tesco was open 24 hours. Getting up to go running at sunrise because the reflection on the lake was just too pretty to miss, snaps on my way to uni, describing it as a jungle and being out of breathe everyday, setting my alarm to go off early on Thursdays because I didn't want to be woken up with the sound of the test fire alarm at Broadgate Park. taking the indigo bus because the wifi was good and it had USB charging. I realised I wouldn't have any of it in my life tomorrow. It was a good year. My bags are packed. But I'm not yet quite ready to leave yet. Maybe I never will be. But it's time to leave now. 

Clearly, I am sleep deprived and too tired, else I wouldn't be writing a blog post at 2am. 

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