Saturday, 23 February 2013

Backstage Photography: Fashion Show

To start off, I’m not an expert at this sort of thing, but here are some of the things that could be useful if you intend to cover such an event.
Shooting at backstage isn’t the easiest thing a photographer can ask for. It’s definitely not as fancy as the whole runway event, but there’s always a lot you can do with creativity. There are a million things you can capture at the backstage.

Having a photographer around would be the last thing models and stylists want, with so much going on at their fast pace. With the dozen things going on, no model would want to pose for the camera. (If it would happen, this would be at rare circumstances!) 

The makeup, the products the stylists use, plus the endless dress fittings is brings out so much stress at the backstage.

If you ever were to do photography at backstage, I’d advice you not to take your “big” camera with you. Use something small and handy that would make your life so much easier to get around and snap away. Always have an extra memory card with you, just incase, you run out of memory. The greatest advantage of a backstage is you wouldn’t want to worry about lightening, or carrying your flash. Backstage lightening is just perfect! 

Another tip, doesn’t stay too close to whatever you intend to capture. Chances are models would get annoyed, and the hair curlers would be still hot. So be cautious!  Don’t go into the dress fitting area unless the stylist is ok with you being there.  Most models wouldn’t want pictures taken while they are being dressed.
You wouldn’t have all day at the backstage. Things happen very fast, and a lot can happen within that time. Don’t panic. Just snap away as much as you can and enjoy! 


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Gud writting :(