Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Stranger …??

Being there all the time

I never noticed

It all started with a lunch

When you sort of dared me

Then, when you spoke up

And laughed at what I said,

And made of me

I knew there was something more

Than just being a shadow

Things changed way fast

Older friends and immature complains

Just because you came to my life

And I came to yours

Not realizing that I too gave you

More time than I expected

Surprisingly same happened with you

I was glad you were there

Not a stranger anymore

Nor a shadow

It was the beginning of

A strong friendship

You told me your secrets

And I told you mine

Dinners and more coffees

More texting and chats

And yet more time together

you were there for me

Whenever I wanted to

It was the perfect friendship

Before I realized, you fell in love

Not with me, but a girl

You saw less of me

Hardly ever spoke

No texts, no chats

No more dinners

No coffee’s

And again,

You became someone

I never knew;

You became the stranger


Anonymous said...

This peom is really familira, cos something like this happened to me too. xD awesome!

bluebooze said...

aw..that made me sad :(

Jalaal said...

haadha ehen kahala story eh...faxiee ah ehkahala kameh dhimaavytha??

Anonymous said...

hey fazzie.
you are tagged. couldnt write in the cbox.

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