Tuesday, 19 January 2010

NeW yEaR wItH a BiT oF sKy WaTcHiNg

Another year, another chance. To start our lives anew. Each year we resolve with the strongest intent to be better this year than the last. When you come to think of it, 2009 passed damn quickly. All around the globe people must have been really excited having parties and huge celebrations looking forward for a new beginning. A 2010. As for me, New Year came with a bit of sky watching. The lunar eclipse which started on the end of December 2009 and lasted till the first few minutes of the New Year 2010. Though it was a Partial lunar eclipse and I could hardly see it, I was thrilled. Two weeks later, another big, exciting event took place. The Annular solar eclipse. Hundreds of people gathered around to see it. The capital city of Maldives witnessed the 10 minute and 45 seconds of the annular eclipse that will next be seen in 2038. And it seems that this is the longest time an international airport (Male’ International Airport) observes it too. Looking back at the past year, there might have been a couple things that we want to forget and moments that we’ll want to remember. And on this year too similar things may happen. The best way to cheer up when you feel unhappy or upset is by remembering those good moments of last year. Happy New Year and happy sky watching!

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