Friday, 18 January 2013

CoFfEe lOvE

He sat on the open air deck, sipping his coffee and looking around. She knew he was secretly looking at her, because she was doing the same too. She was busy working while he just sat there and smiled at her.

Every time he ordered his coffee, she takes his order and treats him just like any other customer though she wanted to tell him so much. She was shy. She hesitated to attempt to start a conversation with him, having the thought she might make a fool out of herself as he was often surrounded by his group of friends.

This routine continued over two months, and both of them had not spoken much to each other except the times he ordered his coffee.
Her boss let her off early that night, so she packed her stuff and got ready to head out when he came and asked her politely if he could talk to her. She was nervous not knowing what he wanted to say, but agreed anyway.

He talked for about half an hour and told her that the day before was his birthday and he wanted to make his birthday really memorable that year. She said very little but listened to him very carefully. She looked at her watch, and he figured out she wanted to leave. He couldn't wait much longer. Afraid that she might leave before he had said what he intended, he pulled out a bouquet of roses, and asked,

“would you be my girlfriend, for it would not make this birthday the happiest, but all the birthdays to come.”

She froze for a moment, and then she smiled. She’s really liked him since the day he stepped into her coffee shop, and she’s wanted to say that to him since then.
She couldn't utter a word, she was really happy. She nodded in excitement.
That’s when she fell in love, he promised never to leave. He made her the happiest girl.
After two months of romantic dates, lunches and happy memories, he decided to leave without a goodbye. He was never seen, nor did his friends know where he left. His usual table felt empty. He never came back.

Years passed, she always never forgot him or his birthday. She visited the coffee shop every year on his birthday, ordered the same coffee he did, and smiles. she hoped where ever he was, he was happy.

Once again, she visits the coffee shop, orders the same coffee and whispers to herself, happy birthday. its been eight years today. I hope you're much happier than the first birthday you met me. 

Smiling to herself, she continues to  have her coffee. 


Maeed M.Zahir said...

Awwww ... Eight years ... Wow

Yusuf said...

I Can't help but to wonder about the months...

I wish I can tell her "Very little grows on jagged rocks. Be ground. Be crumbled, so wilderness will come up where you are"