Saturday, 22 November 2008

FlIrTiNg TiPz FoR gUrLz; -Part one-

Flirting is more than just having fun; it is an essential aspect of human interaction. It is found in all cultures and societies around the world. It is a basic instinct and part of human nature. Come to think of it, if we are not attracted to the members of the opposite sex, we will not reproduce and human species will become extinct. [HAHAHAHAHA!] Flirting, the capacity to automatically turn our actions into sexual apparatus signaling interest with the opposite sex as instinctively as mice twitch their noses and tilt their backs to draw in the object of their attention.Flirting also is ruled by a set of unwritten laws of etiquette. This will tell when, where, with whom and with what manner we should flirt. So if ever you are wondering if you can master the art of flirting, of course you can, everyone, anyone can do it….
Some girls tend to be shy and hide their opinions towards the guy she truly desires. But believe me, you got to do some flirting, you just cant stay and watch your guy date another girl. Here are some good flirting tips for ladies, girls or even teen girls. I have included teen girls because we basically start flirting during our teen years.

1. Be yourself: Everyone is different. No one has to fit into someone else’s idea of what it means to be a ‘real woman’. The only standard you need to live up to is the one you set for yourself. If you like yourself, you’ll be looking for someone who will also like you just the way you are. Be true to yourself. You will not enjoy any moment of it if you are playing somebody who you're not supposed to be, stay focused and be proud of who you are.

2. Get out there!: A lot of people are asking and even whining that they have never met anyone only to find out that they spend most of their time crouching in the sofa with a romantic movie and a pack of popcorn. Hey! Wake up, people will not just knock on your front door to meet you, you have to go out and be the one to meet them.

3. Respect: Be interesting by also being interested with them. If you want them to communicate, LISTEN! People like people who would listen to them when it's their time to talk. Remember, listening is a part of good communication.

4. Express yourself: Let them know or feel that you are interested with them. Someone has to make the first move and the simplest and safest way to do that is to SMILE! It's a nice way of telling that you are interested without being so hanky.

5. Eye contact: There should be repeated contact. Eye contact is very important; it tells that you are sincere. On your first, he will make sure that it is really him that you are flirting with. With your second, he knows it's him and is all giddy about it and on your third, he might be going over to your table now, you should express interest by introducing yourself and starting a conversation.

6. Whisper: This usually gets their attention. Believe me, it really does. Avoid shouting.

7. Don't stay in a group: If you really want to attract a guy, don’t stay in a group because no man can bear a rejection in front of a herd. Also, he may feel that he can't approach you because of your friends.

8. Be polite: If you are not interested, be polite. You can always refer him to one of the girls. At least, you can practice your confidence in meeting other people and you just met a potential friend! :D

9. Be careful with your words: Give clear signals that you are not just making fun out of it. Make sure to check your choice of words too, your flirting might sound a little sexual instead of a friendly flirting.

10. Be positive: People like to be with people who are cheerful and has a positive mindset. Feel good about yourself and everyone, and they will feel good about you.

11. Getting help from friends: This is used a lot by female groups going to parties. Although not very effective, try walking through a group of men and let one of your friends check out who is eyeing on you.

12. Your accessories: Always gives them a reason to talk to you. If you would like to meet people, you have to make sure that you have something. Wearing or bringing something that can catch their attention. Carrying something that you are interested with is a good point. The conversation can start from there.

13. Set your boundaries: Know what you want and what you don’t want. If you ever feel uncomfortable with a guy, change the situation. Move to another room, find your friends, leave the party or call your parents or guardian. It doesn’t mean you are not cool.

If you have already opened your mind to the basic tips on flirting, then you can plan where to do the flirting tips above. There are several places where you can start practicing how to flirt with guys. Great places to start flirting with guys are parties (social occasions, functions or celebrations), drinking places, learning places, workplace, participant sports / hobbies and spectator events. You can do it anywhere. Go Flirt! :P


shootingstar said...

really is is great...wud try these with my guy =)
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MIng Su said...

dats neat..
lets hope sum ppl wud get a point
asluves its really neat

.:dhiboy:. said...

very interesting points... nice post... its nice to know what girls willing to do for a guy..